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During the 80ies used worldwide, KARL was the leading hardware description language, trailblazer for VHDL. Being fully calculus-capable KARL and its graphic user interface supported "Structured Hardware Design" and poineered synthesis by top-down term rewriting. KARL is PASCALish. Earlier hardware languages in the 70ies were dialects of FORTRAN or APL or other old languages. The world's first complete VLSI design framework has been KARL-based (CVT and CVS projects). The KARL book was a bestseller and caused Reiner's first invitation to give a keynote speech.



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KARL-designed microchips fabricated

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KARL: victim Europe's bad innovation culture

KARL-based early Term Rewriting


KARL - KAiserslautern Register trasfer Language



Multi Level graphics EDitor for KARL






victim KARL


Handouts for KARL implementers






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KARL used worldwide: a survey

ABAKUS workshop Passau 1987

ABAKUS workshop Innsbruck 1988

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MoM, the first reconfigurable Xputer (based on the anti-machine paradigm: using data counters instead of a program counter


Register transfer EXtractor for KARL